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Plaidt (Duitsland)


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Een bedrijf uit Plaidt (Duitsland).

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10 Apr 2018

SL Trucksport unveil 2018 FIA ETRC Challenger: Stella

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The SL Truck Sport team and Sascha Lenz publically unveiled their 2018 FIA European Truck Racing Championship contender last Friday. The all-new MAN truck has seen the team invest a lot of time and effort over the long winter months to be in the best shape possible for Lenz to challenge for his first win in the FIA ETRC. SL Trucksport, founded in 2015, is named after Silvia Lenz the Team Principal of the squad and mother of Sacha. “It`s been quite a journey from 2015 to now,” said Lenz last Friday. “We set up a new MAN truck in

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